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Helping with auto enrolment planning

Auto enrolment and the workplace pension reforms were introduced by the Government because too few people were saving enough for retirement, leaving an unsustainable burden on the state.

All employers must comply with the requirements of the reforms, the larger ones complying first and the smaller ones following. The legislation and technicalities surrounding the reforms are complex, but specialist advisers at Eastwood Financial Services can help you make sense of the legislation and advise on how best to fit this into your business processes and plans.

We can help you sift through the operational aspects of the reforms and advise you on the best way to compliantly run your pension scheme. When it comes to getting a pension scheme in place to comply with the reforms, we will help you to select an appropriate provider and implement the scheme for you.

We can also help you communicate with your employees. Clients who have already started to comply with their auto enrolment duties have found our group presentation and one-to-one advisory services invaluable in helping their employees understand what auto enrolment is, how it affects them and importantly, how the selected pension scheme works

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