Professional Independent Financial Advisers, West Yorkshire

Securing your assets for the future

There are many ways to plan during your lifetime to ensure your assets are passed on to your survivors as you would wish. Estate planning usually includes making or updating a will, so our specialist financial advisers often work with solicitors in this area.

Our advice and recommendations will be based on your preferences and involve an assessment of whether you have the financial capacity to consider making gifts during your lifetime. Balancing a desire to pass as much of your estate to your survivors with the need to retain assets and income to live comfortably can be challenging, but we will help you understand what can realistically be achieved in our report.

As part of our professional estate planning service, advisers at Eastwood Financial Services will fully explain the types of trust you may consider, and the somewhat complex taxation issues: income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax all need to be considered.

If your assets are illiquid you may also need to consider taking out a life assurance policy written in trust to provide the funds to your executors to pay the Inheritance Tax bill on your death. Remember that it has to be paid before your estate can be distributed your survivors.

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