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Keeping your business in good health

Private healthcare insurance can be a useful and effective benefit to business owners and their employees. It can provide staff with speedy access to medical services enabling them to return to work as soon as possible. Flexible appointment times outside working hours may also reduce the cost of sickness and absence.

A health care package with a range of benefits can help to improve employee-retention and is an attractive incentive when recruiting top level staff. No matter the level of your income, there will be a private health insurance plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. Private medical insurance policies range from basic cover - that helps keep premiums affordably low - to comprehensive cover, which offers complete peace of mind but at a higher cost.

Eastwood Financial Services can advise your business on private health insurance in line with your budget and needs. Our specialist advisers will review your cover and re-broke it regularly to ensure the cost of provision remains competitive - and our corporate team can provide a full administration service.

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